Kingston deck building is a primary service of Stone Edge Landscaping, but you must know what goes into building a deck before the first nail is hammered, or else you’ll be troubled come time for final inspection!

What you must know before building a deck in Kingston

It’s that time of year again; the time when you start looking at the front and rear of your home and imagining a beautiful custom deck for lounging and soaking up that Kingston sun. But before you get started, there are some things you should be made aware of when planning on deck building or hiring a Kingston deck builder. Everything begins and ends with the permit.

Don’t be misled by contractors who tell you to secure the permit and that it will save you money in the long run. It usually costs you more, and here’s why:

Kingston Deck Building
Kingston Deck Building

When you get your permit, you’re essentially in charge of the build and the completion. If you have a contractor who advised to get your own Kingston deck permit, and they perform the work, badly, you’re on the hook for making any repairs. You see, your deck isn’t completed until the permit is signed by the inspector. If the inspection takes place months after you’ve paid the contractor and they’ve left, you’re left with finding another contractor to fix any and all mistakes.

Did you know you can be fined $200 if you start your deck before the permit is issued?

At Stone Edge Landscaping, we handle all of the necessary engineer drawings and especially the permit.

Things you (or your contractor) must know before building a deck in Kingston

You’ve heard it on Mike Holmes television program all the time, “Get a Permit”, but often, people think they’re saving money and time by not doing so. It’s even worse when a contractor tells the homeowner they don’t need a permit.

  • Qualifications of the builder: The owner of a house is allowed to prepare and take responsibility for the design of a deck attached to a house without having to be qualified under the Ontario Building Code. However, the owner must still prepare plans and specifications in sufficient detail to demonstrate the project will comply with all technical requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Any persons other than the owner who prepare plans and specifications and take responsibility for the design of an attached deck or a detached deck (for a house) greater than 50m2 (538ft2) must possess the required technical qualifications prescribed under the Ontario Building Code but need not be a registered designer (for which they would have required liability insurance).
  • Deck Blocks: Deck blocks can only be used where:
    1. The deck is not attached to the house.
    2. The deck is less than 55m2 (592 ft2).
    3. The distance from the finished ground to the under side of the floor joists is not more than 600mm (23 5/8 in) at any point.
  • Wood Columns:
    1. The minimum size of wood columns shall not be less than 140 mm X 140mm (6″X6″) unless calculations are provided from a qualified person confirming that a lesser size is adequate;
    2. Columns greater than 600mm (23 5/8 in) in length shall be laterally supported by cross-bracing
  • Guards:
    1. If the deck is more than 600mm (23 5/8 in) off the ground, a minimum 900mm (35 in)
      high guard must be placed around the deck.
    2. If the deck exceeds 1800mm (5ft 11 in) above the ground, a 1070mm (42 in) high guard must be installed. All openings in the guards must not exceed 100mm (4 in).
    3. If a bench is incorporated into the guard the required guard height is measured above the bench surface (P.Eng may be required).
    4. Guards must comply with SB-7 or be engineered or have BMEC authorization
  • Proprietary Products and Materials: Not all products or materials used in some deck construction and sold are approved for use in Ontario.
    1. PVC or composite decking and guard systems must have a Building Materials Evaluation Commission (BMEC) authorization to be used in Ontario. Steel, aluminum and glass railing systems must be designed in accordance with structural requirements of Part 4 (Division B) of the Ontario Building Code (OBC).
    2. All applications proposing the use of materials or system not specifically allowed for under Part 9 (Division B) of the OBC, must submit the applicable manufacturer’s installation manual and engineering data and/or BMEC approval with the application.

About Kingston Deck Building Permits Required Inspections:

  1. Excavation & Footing Inspection: For piers and pads prior to backfill, the inspector will confirm that the foundation system is constructed as per the Ontario Building Code and approved plans.
  2. Framing Inspection: Required at completion of structural framing and guards prior to installation of decking.
  3. Final Inspection: Required at completion of the deck framing, stairs and guards. Any proposed changes from the approved plans must be approved by a Building Inspector prior to construction. Failure to have the required inspections performed may result in you having to uncover and expose the work for inspection, Orders issued, etc.

Stone Edge Landscaping is a premier Kingston deck builder that will always get the necessary permits and drawings for your deck or other home project. Contact us today about your dream deck in Kingston.