When it comes to hiring a Kingston hardscape contractor, there’s something you should be made aware of – rented equipment is often the leading cause for project delay and increased costs.

Why It’s Important Your Contractor Own Their Own Equipment

One of the many reasons to hire a professional contractor who owns their own equipment is knowing your project will never need to be rushed. You see, when a contractor rents equipment they tend to rush the work so they don’t have to pay for additional rental time, which can cost quite a bit which gets expensive for them. This is money they can’t afford to lose, especially if they underbid the project.
Hardscapes | Stone Edge Excavation Equipment
At StoneEdge, we own all of our equipment and never rent. Whether it’s a $250k wheel loader to a $500 concrete saw, we own and maintain all of our construction equipment.

Kingston Contractor Upgraded Construction Equipment

We also upgrade our major constructions equipment pieces every few years to ensure we have the best equipment that never fails and never breaks down on your property.

Also take into consideration that there are times when a piece of equipment may be needed for an additional day or week. Knowing our company doesn’t bill for the unexpected should set your mind, and wallet, at ease.

So when you start to receive bids on your home or office project, ask the contractor if costs are increased if they need to rent additional equipment or if the job will be completed on time.